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First 1000 Days of Childcare And Nutrition

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Why 1000 Days?

Apart from the physical growth, a human baby’s brain development paves the way for her future level of intelligence and quality of life. Much of this development starts before a baby is even born. In fact, the foundation is laid with the parents’ decision to have a child.

The “First 1000 Days” are a period of rapid physical growth and accelerated mental development and offers a unique opportunity to build lifelong health and intelligence. Remember that the baby in the womb is dependent on the mother for nutrition as well as mental, physical and emotional growth. What you do, as parents, in the first 1000 days makes a difference to the rest of your baby’s life.

The “First 1000 Days” refers to the period that begins with pregnancy planning and goes up to when the child reaches her second birthday. Each day of this journey is special and influences the way she develops, grows and learns - not just now, but for her entire life.

This guide is all about ensuring that every child and every parent has access to information to create an optimal environment during the first 1000 days, for a better tomorrow.

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